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Gentlemen's Night Club


Since we are located only about fifteen minutes drive from Amsterdam, we are well-disposed to this city. Amsterdam has always been renowned for its red light district and its erotic radiance. Amsterdam was also known for the famous and luxurious sex club Yab Yum. Unfortunately for several years this club closed. Our fantastic club is situated in the same segment and fills this gap for years. Are you ready for a nice evening of fun and you're in Amsterdam? Feel free to drop us a visit. No transportation? No problem! Just make use of our great free-of-charge pick-up service.


We at Boccaccio find it important that our customers enjoy their stay as much as possible. Also Service is our number one priority and thus we provide our customers a free pick-up service directly from Amsterdam! Call us if you're ready for an amazing evening full of fun and entertainment and our driver will pick you up, direcly from anywhere in Amsterdam and comfortably be transported to our luxurious Gentlemen's Night Club. Our club is only a 15 minute drive from Amsterdam, so it won't be a long drive. Are you en-route to Amsterdam or want to be picked up later in the day? No problem at all, just call us for an appointment to be picked-up and we will arrange it. Free of charge.

Pick up Locations

Service is our number one priority. For our customers we provide a free pick-up service for 2 or more People within a 40 kilometer radius.